Full Service

Our Full Service - the ultimate tool for keeping your customers happy.



Want to find out what your customers want? Now they can share their opinions and suggestions on our Feedback forums and you can collect the best ideas based on votes.



Provide your customers with Instant Answers pulled from your own Knowledge Base


Turn your “likes” into “interactions”

Take the power of Gnet Feedback to the social network through our easy to install Facebook tab.


Categorize Tickets

Keep in touch with your customers. Gnet Feedback System allows you to easily track, manage and respond to customer support tickets and requests. Custom fields give you the option to add extra information to a ticket, which can be done manually or using custom Javascript.

Prioritized Feedback

You receive tons of customer suggestion, but you want the best ones sorted and ranked? Gnet Feedback forums gather prioritized user ideas and let you work on the right ones. Customers are free to submit, discuss and vote on suggestions without having to create a new account. You receive the highest rated ideas based on user votes.

Instant Stats

Your stats update each time you respond to a ticket. Support agents earn points by helping customers. Customers value their time, so the quicker your reply, the more points you earn. If a customer finds your response satisfactory, they can award you thank you points for your help.

Incoming Tickets

Increase your productivity by automating your incoming tickets with the help of our powerful rules system. You can answer customer tickets any way you wish, through our feedback interface or using your own inbox. Tired of those “pending” tickets? No need to deal with them anymore, as we only have two statuses – open and closed.

Give Instant Answers

You don’t need to answer the same questions every time. Instant answers provides your customers with matching articles from your database, relevant to the support ticket they are about to submit.

Use Canned Responces

If a customer somehow gets past Instant Answers with a common question, you can always insert a canned response in your message. The customer receives the help they need and you can quickly move on.

Email Notification

No more hanging on your forum waiting for new posts. Our daily email notification service keeps you up to date with what’s going on on your boards and the customers are kept engaged by automatic emails when you complete ideas.

Easy Set Up

Set up your forum fast and easy: just add the application and activate. You don’t need any other software – Gnet Feedback and Gnet Helpdesk work together perfectly within Full Service, allowing you and your users to effortlessly put content in the right place.

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